Competency of Teachers

“10,000 Bihar teachers fail Class V-level tests” shouts the TOI news report and hits you right into your face.

And if this is true, what kind of future are we staring at. Actually the repercussions are pretty negative and far-reaching. There is a skill gap not just in teaching profession but all across. The current generation believes in short-cuts and would like to get most in life without too much effort. This gets reflected amongst the students undergoing courses at higher education level. The focus happens to be just to clear the exam/degree without any creative thinking. Same is the case with the young ones in the work force. The whole work culture is such that it is the stick which drives productivity.

Much of these ethos and ethics get ingrained into the psyche at much younger age during school times. Which is why the quality of teachers teaching to that segment is of utmost importance for the future of this country.

Therefore, it is time to launch “Train the Trainer” initiative pan-India. IntelliTuts, the virtual classroom platform can really speed up this process of training the teachers and help correcting this current scenario. Human resources at all levels need grooming up. The education system without the presence of technology had seriously lacked in the past. But now, the lectures can be centrally conducted by a trainer of repute and delivered live to remote locations and then can be re-telecasted over and over again using IntelliTuts.

All this, even if brings about a positive change in small percentage will still yield huge results since each of these teachers are interacting with students in much larger numbers.

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Increasing Employability

A very revealing survey from ET-CII published in Economic Times a few days back highlights the need to increase the employability of our youths.

With several companies working in this area, though some are doing wonders, but large number of players run programmes which are nothing but an eye-wash given the grim situation that exists.

Any company wanting to make a genuine impact on this front needs to employ really skilled trainers and mentors. Now, it is a known fact that good faculties are really rare species. It is, thus, imperative to make the best use of available talent in teaching fraternity to digitally capture his/her training sessions and re-use those over and over so that the faculty is not burnt out and more and more students reap the benefits of his/her sessions.

IntelliTuts, our virtual classroom platform, enables just that. It lets a faculty conduct the sessions in live or deferred-live mode over normal internet bandwidth less than 300 Kbps. The sync between the audio and whiteboard is impeccable making it a very impactful tool.

We encourage skill development companies to explore this tool. It is a low cost solution and works on a pay-per-use mode, which makes it even more attractive for small companies working on unique skill development programmes.


We would love to hear from trainers in order to conduct pilot programmes with us.


Team IntelliTuts



Flipped Classes

‘Flipped’ classroom is an idea, clearly, whose time has come. As has been mentioned in the article published in ET on 3rd September 2013 (refered in this blog post). It is a concept which originated in high schools in the US a couple of years ago and has gained popularity since.
Learned faculty from Columbia Business School, NYU’s Stern School of Business and Tuck School of Management have been trying this concept with fair amount of success.
Flipped classes, the name is slightly mis-leading, since one starts imagining how the classes will get flipped, but these are nothing but a slight twist to the existing mode of teaching. Here the students come to class after going through the theory (beforehand) and the class is meant for more meaningful discussions and application of the concepts in real life scenario in a collaborative manner. This, obviously, is very much a demand of time in this dain age of Google, where information is just a click away.
IntelliTuts is an enabling platform for ‘Flipped’ classes. Here, the faculty can record lectures in virtual mode and the same can be made available to students to go through. Already working with a few education institutions, this platform is apt for Indian scenario since we keep facing choked bandwidth in tier II and tier III cities.
The platform is also android mobile enabled giving a huge flip to the reach of the lectures. A good faculty is a rare commodity and it is, thus, suggested to bring such natural teachers online and make them reach masses.

Flipped Classes

Flipped Classes 2

Do give your views on ‘Flipped’ classroom concept and which all areas can it be immediately applied to in Indian scenario?


By Team IntelliTuts